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Smartphones have become crucial part of human life. The use of smartphones nowadays has become simple, easy and convenient because of their capabilities of doing almost everything that a computer can do. The use of smartphones is increasing day-in day-out with lots of brands popping up.

Notwithstanding the numerous brands on the market nowadays, the known brands such as Samsung, IPhone, Microsoft windows and Blackberry are still dominating the market. Of about ten users you meet on the street, five or six of them are having the household name phones because these brands are tried and tested. But the truth of the matter is that, there are some brands which are equally good as some of the known brands that are widely used by the public. brings you 3 Lesser Known Phones That Can Save You Some Money

MiOne Phone

MiOne is a lesser known brand when it comes to phones as compare to the big brands that are already in the phone market. MiOne is smartphones manufactured by a Beijing-based called Xiaomi. Xiaomi announced their first smartphone, the Xiaomi MiOne in the mid-2011. Pre-orders racked up around 500,000 devices in 36 hours, and which sold more than 100,000 handsets in three hours according to

MiOne comes with a lot of models such as Mione A50, Mione X2, Mione 2, Mione R3 etc. and lots of colours to spice up your taste. Performance of phones is something to consider before you to go any brand of your choice. You can be rest assured good performance of MiOne phones with latest android version. Also the phones have ROM ranging from 16G, 32G and 64G to make sure you have enough space for your files.


HOTWAV phones are manufactured by Hotwav Science & Technology Co. Ltd which was established in Shenzhen in 2008, China. HOTWAV phones are one of the brands that are not well known the Ghanaian communities but equally a great deal when you want to minimize your spending when it comes to phones.

Hotwav have lots of models such as Symbol Max, Symbol s4, Symbol s3, magicq8 etc. for you to choose from that will suit your needs and desires. It comes with lots of colours too and sleek to handle with good performance. They have all versions of the android OS and different varieties that can make you love it. You can get the some in 8G, 16G, 32G, and 64G space for your files depending on the particular model you will want to have. Give a try next time you enter any phone shop

X-TIGI Phones

X-Tigi Mobile was founded in 2005 Hong Kong research and development center and factory located in China. It comes with a lot of model such as

A Series (A3, A2, A1and Plus A1), Y Series, Y10, T Series, T1, V series (V22-Pro V9 V7-Pro V29-Pro V6 V12), SHARP, SHARP 1, HOPE, HOPE 10 Pro, Joy Pad (JOY 7 mate JOY10-mate JOY10-LTE JOY8-mate KIDS 7 Pro JOY8 Pro), Q series (Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10).

So there you go. You have a lot of varieties to choose from to satisfy your desire. You can also get the phone with 8G, 16G 32G and 64G depending on your preferences with lots of different colours and looks.

No doubt it always secure to go for the known brands such as IPhone, samsung, Infinix and the rest in the market so as to be sure that your effort does not go waste. Sometimes it is very hard to switch a little bit from the usual things. But sometimes too it is better to try out new thing to know the good things they have to offer. So when next time you visit the phone shop, give it a try and see.